Receiving your free trial of FME

Thank you for clicking through to learn more about receiving a free trial of FME.

Our instructions are as below:

FME Desktop

To create a node-locked (fixed) license of FME Desktop we will need the “ten digit” machine code for each PC/laptop a FME Desktop license will be loaded onto.

Please follow the link to download and install FME:

Then go to the FME menu and run FME Licensing Wizard. The key we need is at the bottom left of the window. The format of the code will appear like this: “1-234-567-890”.

Some further instructions are here:

Once you send that ten digit code to Locus, we will return you a file which you load up using the “I want to install a license already provided by Safe Software” option on that same window.”

The Edition of FME Desktop you receive will be the Database Edition which encompasses all the traditional “GIS” formats such as ESRI, MapInfo, Intergraph while also including MS SQL and Oracle.

If you would prefer a different Edition please advise. The SAFE website contains an interactive matrix which allows you to see which Edition of FME Desktop supports which formats in terms of “read” and “read/write”. The link to the matrix is here:!

We can if needed extend the trial until a purchase decision is made.

FME Server

You can trial FME Server either by way of receiving a “stand alone” license, or by activating a FME Cloud instance.

Stand alone
After installing FME Server you can request a 7 day evaluation license online through the Web User Interface. This can be extended to a 60 day evaluation license.

Further instructions are here:

FME Cloud

To sign up for FME Cloud with a $250 start-up credit, click here:

Please contact us for more information re pricing information for FME Cloud or any FME product: